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Punch Needles & Beginners Kits from West Cork.

Enter the world of Punch Needle! Create that space in your life to craft, recharge, connect with your soul, your fibre, your creativity.

Quality Tools such as the Oxford & Lavor Punch Needles

If you appreciate a beautifully, handcrafted tool, then the Oxford Punch Needle is for you!   The Lavor punch needles offer adjustable heights and a great price to get you started.

Punch needle classes

 1:1 classes to help you get started on the right pathway with your punch needle journey. 

Punch needle pattern showing a rose lighthouse

Get inspired by my art

Take a peek inside my world.

Featured punch needle kits

Get creative, find your space & enjoy the modern twist on this traditional craft with the highest quality punch needle kits. Shipping worldwide.

Why punch with me?

Hi, I’m Michelle.

A Certified Oxford Punch Needle Instructor, Artist, Environmental Scientist and owner of Wild Wool Way. I am passionate about punch needle and I hope to inspire you to get creative and discover the joy punch needle can bring you. To discover the sense of pride in creating beautiful pieces that sings to your soul and the fibre of your being.

Why connect with me?

Benefits of Punch Needle?

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