4 tricks to using your Oxford Punch Needle correctly!

In this short clip I will demonstrate 4 tricks on how to use your Oxford Punch Needle correctly. It can be very frustrating when you start punching first as to why your stitches are not the same height, or your stitches keep pulling out. These 4 simple tricks will ensure you have nice even stitches when punching and make your punch needle journey a whole lot easier!

Tip 1, punch the needle all the way down,

Tip 2, barely lift the punch needle out from the monks cloth / fabric when you are moving onto the next stitch, you are almost scrapping across the surface of the fabric,

Tip 3, when you want to change direction do so when your punch needle is fully down in the monks cloth / fabric and finally,

Tip 4 the channel on the Oxford Punch Needle is always going in the direction you want to punch in.

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