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Finding your moment of pause and joy


I’m Michelle and my journey with punch needling resourced me to grow my resilience, creativity and self worth. It was my escape when I needed it, I punched for me.  It always brought a smile to my face and changed my life.  I love bringing this joy and possibility to others, showing them how it can connect them with their creativity, community and enhance their lives.

I am a busy farmer, wife, mother (of 4 children)  and now a businesswoman who knows the value of bringing a moment of pause and joy into the everyday.  Punch needle has literally saved my sanity in the midst of the demands of my different roles. It was my time to connect with myself, create, relax and breathe.

Our family farm is in West Cork, Ireland and I am also an  Environmental Scientist and have worked in this field for the past 20 years.  It is my love of the land, our environment and my cows that provide me with the inspiration for my punch needle fibre art.

I originally started punch needling in 2014 and by 2018, I followed my heart and travelled to America to train under Amy Oxford, the founder of Oxford Punch Needle and I became Ireland’s first Certified Oxford Punch Needle Instructor.  

It was as a result of years of sourcing quality supplies that brought about the idea of developing Wild Wool Way, which is a one stop shop for all things punch needle including sustainable wool. 

I would love to share the joy of punch needle with you. 

Check out my shop to get started or to continue on with your punch needle journey.

Always learning

I travelled to England regularly to complete workshops in rug making completed workshops in techniques such as punch needle rug hooking, traditional rug hooking, standing wool and quillie’s etc

In June 2018 I traveled to Vermont in America to train under Amy Oxford, the inventor of the Oxford Punch Needle to become Ireland’s first Certified Oxford Punch Needle Rug Hooking Instructor.

Registered member; Oxford Punch Needle Instructors Guild, Design Craft Council of Ireland, TIGHR (The International Guildford of Handhooking Rugmakers) and the Ontario Rug Hooking Guild.

What inspires me?

I love being in nature. Mother Nature never ceases to amaze me, wild flowers and hedgerows provide colour inspiration. Morning sunrises and sunsets provide both muted calm tones that blend or real vibrant colours.  I also love observing the animals on our farm from cats, kittens and especially the cows!


All my packaging is sustainable, recyclable, and no plastic.  For larger delivery packages no two boxes are the same, they are recycled from whatever packaging I recieve, giving it another life. I hope you do the same.

I have been on a journey trying to source 100% Irish Wool, this has been quite a challenge but I am delighted to have found a supply and this will feature more in my work, it is complemented by wool mixes sourced in Ireland, who have similar values to me and are inspired by nature too.

Make time for punch needle, life can be stressful, punch the stress away, it will sooth your soul!

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