Punch needle backing fabric

Monks cloth is the most popular, durable, forgiving backing fabric for punch needle, wool fabric helps explore your creative journey.

Punch needle fabrics

Which type of Punch Needle Fabric to choose?

Punching fabrics are an essential ingredient for all craft makers. Did you know different punch needles can require different fabrics and yarns.  The type of punch needle project you undertake can also decide which fabric you should use.  In general, tighter weave fabrics are suitable for finer needles, looser weave fabrics are suited to regular needles.  At Wild Wool WY, I offer three types of foundation cloths that I love to work with.  Choose between Irish Wool fabric inspired by the rugged landscape, Monks Cloth from the US and a Linen mix from Europe to get started with punching!

Close up view for punch needle cushion with mystical tree pattern

Irish Wool

Irish wool fabric can be punched with the Fine Oxford Punch needle, the Lavor “mini” and Lavor 4mm. 

Monks cloth is one of foundation cloths for punch needle craft

Monks Cloth

Monks cloth is durable and the most forgiving of all fabrics.  Suitable for regular and fine punch needles.

Linen mix backing fabric for punch needle with a Mini Lavor punch needle threaded on top

Linen mix

Linen mix fabric, punch a bit leave the linen exposed. Suitable for the fine punch needles (Fine Oxford Punch Needles, Lavor Mini and 4mm

Beautiful to experiment with leaving the background exposed.

Wool fabric for Punch Needle

100% wool fabric with a tight weave.  These limited edition fabrics are woven in Donegal, where the design team are inspired from the ever changing landscape of beautiful Donegal, from peaty bogs to rugged coastlines.  Punching into wool fabric can be tricky but creates a beautiful affect.

  • Due to its tighter weave wool fabric is best suited to Fine Punch Needles.
  • Choose from a range of colours inspired by the Irish landscape.
  • Suited to projects where you would like to keep the background fabric exposed, punching a motif/smaller design e.g. on a cushion.
  • Sold in 20×20” squares, perfect for completing the front of a 16”x16” cushion.
  • Not suitable for frogging (ripping out)
Durable, forgiving, most popular!

Monks Cloth for Punch Needle

100% cotton fabric suitable for all types of punch needles I supply.  The most forgiving of all fabrics, monks cloth is great for beginners as it can withstand many frogging sessions (ripping out your work and redoing).

Monks cloth is the main type of fabric used in punch needle. It is woven with a double strand of cotton, has 12 to 14 holes per inch creating a very strong, durable and flexible fabric.  It has a looser weave than the wool fabric and can withstand the punching action of the punch needle. 

Monks cloth is beige in colour and had a horizontal white line every 2” which can be handy in designing your project.

  • Sold in 1/4, 1/2, and full yard pieces
  • Beige in colour
  • 12 to 14 holes per inch
  • Woven in the US 
  • White guidelines every 2 inches.
  • Prone to fraying at the edges, serge the edge, do a running stitch or pop on masking tape to prevent the material fraying.
For the more natural, organic look

Linen mix for Punch Needle

Linen viscose mix tighter weave suitable for Fine punch needles.

Not as forgiving as the monks cloth, punching with this linen viscose mix is similar to the wool fabric.  Suitable for when you want to punch a motif / small design and leave the background material exposed. 

Linen normally has an uneven weave but this linen mix the weave is pretty even. A neutral colour creates a lovely background for your punching to really shine.

  • Sold by the metre and half metre
  • Neutral cream colour
  • use with fine punch needles- Fine Oxford Punch Needle, 4mm and Lavor “mini”

Make time for punching, life can be stressful, punch the stress away, it will sooth your soul!

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