Punch Needle Fibre Art with Wild Wool Way

Hi, I’m Michelle. Welcome to my website where I’ll be your guide into the wonderful world of punch needle fibre art.

Punch needle fibre art is essentially painting with yarn. You can use all types of fibre to create interesting affects, anything that can move freely through the channel of the needle you can essentially punch with. I have punched with yarn of all sizes from very fine to chunky and super chunky. Sometimes you need a carrier yarn if you are using a fine or novelty type yarn such as glittery yarn. I have even punched with the plastic sleeves of my milk cartons and they worked a dream!

You can punch with wool fabric, you can punch into wool fabric, such as wool skirts. For those of us who grew up in Ireland and went to a convent secondary school, remember those awful long skirts we had to wear (and not rolled up!!), well I’d like to get my hands on a few of those now, and I’d love to have them nice and long with plenty of pleats, all the things you hated as a teenager!! But now I look at all the material that was available, and what i could make out of them now, sometimes we need to try out and test yarn / wool fabrics and see what works, but first you need to know a few rules in order to break the rules! There aren’t many rules, in fact punch needle is creating one long continuous running stitch, so really it is tips and tricks of the trade that will make life easier for you. There’s only 4 key tricks in using an Oxford Punch Needle correctly which can save a beginner from being disheartened to being empowered to punch with confidence. See my blog 4 tricks to using your Oxford Punch Needle correctly! for more detials.

With this craft you can create lovely unique pieces for your home, simple everyday, authentic living from wall art, cushions, chair pads, flower pot covers, the list is endless. It is a slow, mindful and meditative craft, you can be as sustainable as you want in choosing your materials in creating everyday magic for your home.

Want to know more, well follow me! Check out my Shop to get supplies.

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