Punch Needle Gifts

A great hobby over the winter – give the gift of craft, of creativity, of digital disconnection.

Gifts at Wild Wool Way

Creative presents for beginner and intermediate punch needle crafters

Punch Needle Gifts are wonderful gift idea for any celebration.  Perfect for seasoned crafters as well as punch needle beginners. At Wild Wool Way, I offer a selection of punch needle gifts. Choose from handmade gifts such as the Shine Collection Finished Punch Needle Pieces, Wool Rug Yarn, Punch Needle Kits and Taster Punch Needle kits, to surprise your loved for any occasion.

Selection of wool punch needle yarn


Who doesn’t have enough yarn.  Why not add Wool Punch Needle yarn to your collection.  Suitable with the Regular Oxford Punch Needle or the 5.5mm Lavor Punch Needle.  A great addition to any gift.

Punch Needle Kits

Everything you need to get started.  Punch Needle kits are a great way to introduce the addictive craft of punch needle.  Punch to relax, punch to create, punch to escape!

Hand holding a Threaded Oxford Punch Needle


Why not start someone off on their Punch Needle Adventure.  Give the gift of craft, the opportunity to learn a new skill, to digitally disconnect, create unique pieces for their home.

Punch needle hoops used to punch the fabric

Handmade Items

All hand made items are made by me. The Shine Collection uses beautiful Donegal Yarns.  Made local, support local. Mad about sheep and wool? Check out my new Wild Sheep Keyrings.

Wool Punch Needle Yarn

Yarn Gifts

As any knitter, crocheter, weaver, crafter knows you can never have enough yarn and it’s always a treat to get some more.

Select a wool punch needle yarn pack, different colours available or make up your own selection to suit your project.

Cotton Punch Needle Yarn is also available inspired by the Chakra Colours.  

Punch Needle Taster Kits

DIY Taster Punch Needle Kits

This is a taster kit and my most budget friendly kit, it’s a taster to see if you would like punch needle (be warned there is no doubt, it’s very addictive!!). No design included.

What’s included in the kit:

  • A 5″ embroidery hoop
  • A piece of monks cloth
  • Samples of wool to match your needle choice.
  • Lavour adjustable punch needle choose from; 
  • Mini – Cotton Yarn,
  •  4mm -Aran Weight yarn/ cotton;
  • or 5.5mm -Chunky yarn and wool rug yarn
Punch Needle

Punch Needle Collections

Quality punch needle tool is what you need to get started with punch needle crafting. At Wild Wool Way, I offer two types of punching tools. Choose between Oxford & Adjustable and start with fibre art today!

The Oxford Punch Needle is a dream to punch with and worth the investment.

The Lavor Adjustable Punch Needles are a great introductory needle or I like to use it for creating different textures.

Handmade Gifts and fun stuff!

Handmade Gifts

Handmade gifts are made with love by me.  The Shine Collection are a unique set of punch needle art, punched by me.  Perfect for any wall space or being propped up in your home office, reminding you of your dreams and goals.

Or why not purchase a little Wild Wool Sheep keyring.  Perfect for any yarn crazy lady, available in classic Atlantic Navy, Funtime Pink Gin, or 100% Native Galway Wool, home grown in Ireland.  Supporting local businesses, supporting local.

The Wild Wool Way Journal is another wondeful gift, maybe to accompany the Shine Collection, so one can journal their Shine Journey.

Give the gift that will keep giving, give a loved one the gift of a new skill and exploring their creativity

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