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Punch Needles for Your Craft

My favourite punch needles for your craft.

Oxford punch needles are one of the best punch needles

My first love, my favourite and my go to Punch Needle is the Oxford Punch Needle. If you appreciate a beautifully made, handcrafted tool, well this is the needle for you. They are beautifully made, easy to punch with, simple to thread and fit into your hand snugly, so very comfortable to work with. They are definitely worth the investment.

Adjustable punch needle - Wild Wool Way

Ideal for beginners who want to try out punch needle with a great price point or those with experience who want to experiment with different loop heights or textures. The Lavor adjustable punch needle is made in Europe from recycled plastic. This is a real fun needle and a great addition to any crafters kit bag!!

  • Ergonomically designed for comfort and speed
  • Maple handle
  • Electro polished stainless steel needle
  • Lifetime money back guarantee
  • For use with yarn, cut strips of wool and other fabrics
  • Designed by Amy Oxford

Boxed needles are available with a decorative box which includes your needle, a stitch gauge, a 28 page booklet called “The Oxford Punch Needle Handbook – Helpful hints for Rug Hookers” by Amy Oxford. This book goes through transferring your design, frames to use, how to punch, how to hem and care for your rug.

Which is the right Oxford Punch Needle for me?

The Oxford Punch Needle has 5 different sizes and comes in Regular or Fine needle. When it comes to choosing your needle, you need to decide:

Firstly, what type of yarn are you going to use?

This will decide whether you would like a regular or fine needle. Regular needles can be used with chunky, super chunky yarns, 3 ply yarns or it allows for the combination of numerous threads of finer yarns and novelty yarns. The fine needle as the name suggests can be just for finer work (not embroidery punch needle fine) and can be used with double knitting, aran, sock weight yarn. Anything that can move freely through the channel of the punch needle you can punch with so you can create really wonderful textures by using novelty yarns or a mix of yarns.

Secondly, you need to decide how long to you want your loops to be:

#8 Regular & Fine – ½” Loops
#9 Regular & Fine – 3/8” loops
#10 Regular and Fine – ¼” loops
#13 Fine – 3/16” loops
# 14 Fine – 1/8” loops

I currently stock the #10 Regular and Fine, #9 Regular, the #14 Fine as 1/8” loops are lovely to work with and using both the #10 and #14 together gives lovely texture.

There are 3 Lavor Adjustable Punch Needles in my shop, the 5mm (suitable for chunky and some super chunky yarns), 4mm (suitable for aran, dk weight yarns). To change heights of your loops you simply twist the needle, slide to the desired slot / height and twist to click back into place.

 Finally, the “mini” contains 3 needle sizes (large, medium and small).  Suitable for lighter weight dk down to embroidery floss. All Lavor adjustable punch needles are sold with a wire threader. 

These needles are good quality and an affordable option if you want to try out punch needle.  Instructions will be provided on how to use the needles.

Certified punch needle instructor Michelle O Driscoll from Wild Wool Way

When you are punching you are in the moment.

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