Beginners Punch Needle Gift Set


Give the gift of craft or gift yourself, with this wonderful punch needle gift set suitable for beginners.  It has everything you need to get started for punch needle.  This kit includes your Punch Needle of choice “Oxford Punch Needle” the Rolls Royce of Punch Needles in my opinion, or the Lavor Adjustable Punch Needle, a quarter yard of monks cloth and the 7″ Morgan hoop to hold your monks cloth good and tight. 3 mini skeins of yarn will also be included to get you started. For beginners I would recommend the Lavor 5mm or the Oxford #10 or #9 regular.

Give the gift of craft with this beginners punch needle gift set which includes all you need to enjoy the art of punch needle:

  • Pick which punch needle you would like the Lavor (Adjustable 5mm/4mm or “mini”) or the Oxford Punch Needle (see the about section for more info on punch needles).  The boxed Oxford Punch Needle comes with a stitch gauge and Oxford Punch Needle Handbook.  For beginners I would recommend the Lavor 5mm or the Oxford #10 or #9 regular.
  • A quarter yard of monks cloth.
  • A 7″ Morgan hoop  – Perfectly constructed plastic rings that hold the fabric reliably in place. Morgan hoops have a durable locking system and a special lip and channel system on the inside of the hoop. Perfect for all kids of needle work.
  • 3 mini skeins of approx. 25g of randomly selected yarn (could be roving, aran, dk, rug wool) to get you started, but it will be suitable for the needle you select.
Weight0.350 kg
Which Oxford punch needle would you like in your gift set?

Boxed #10 Regular, Boxed #10 fine, Boxed #14 fine, Unboxed #14 fine, Lavor 5mm, Lavor 4mm, Lavor "mini"

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