Cotton punch needle yarn


100% cotton yarn is a wonderful option if you want to use a yarn that does not contain any animal products.  Cotton yarn can come in some vibrant colours and I have put together a Cotton yarn pack representing the chakra colours.  Chakra means wheel and it refers to the energy points in your body which are represented by certain colours.  So not only are you getting the benefit of digitally disconnection by punch needle or crafting you also get the added benefit of chakra energy colour play!

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Recommended to use with:
  • Linen, linen mix fabric / cotton fabric, wool fabric
  • Fine Oxford Punch Needles
  • Lavor Mini punch needle (large needle in the set)
  • 3.5-4mm crochet hook / knitting needle
Additional details:
  • 8 colours x 50g balls, centre tail to pull from middle.
  • 100% cotton
  • Oeko-Tek Certified
Weight0.250 kg

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