Punch Needle hoops (Morgan No Slip Hoops)


Morgan No Slip Hoops are plastic rings with a special unique interlocking system to hold the fabric in place. Morgan No Slip Hoops are perfect for all kinds of needle work, smooth, strong and durable. Made in the US.

Morgan No Slip Hoops sizes available are:

  • 7″ Hoop (17.8cm)
  • 12″ Hoop (30.48cm)

Perfectly constructed plastic rings that hold the fabric reliably in place. Morgan hoops have a durable unique interlocking design, a special tongue and groove on the inside of the hoop which holds fabric firmly in position. Perfect for all kinds of needle work and the only hoop I recommend for punch needle rug hooking.

Weight1 kg

7" Hoop (17.8cm), 10" Hoop (26.3cm), 12" Hoop (30.48cm), 17" Hoop (43.2cm)

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