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As you continue on navigating your journey to Shine, the Moth is the next phase of the process.  Moths have long been associated with transformation, change and new beginnnings.  From native American symbolisms to Celtic Symbolisms.  I went with a Moth over a butterfly as generally we fear or have mixed feelings towards moths.  However, in order to make a change and follow our dreams we too must transform, we too are fearful of change or making the change, stepping out of our comfort zone.  The moth undergoes a complete metemorphosis and looks nothing like it did when it was young.  We all know moths go towards the light and will always aim for the light, so using that methaphor, this signifies, your change, your transformation, as you navigate towards the light of your dreams / goals.

Shine reflections are included as part of the kit and finished piece.  Shine reflections are prompts for you to consider or ponder.  As you relax stitch by stitch, create and plan your journey and with relaxed awareness journal your thoughts for your own personal reflection.

The Moth is available as a finished piece or purchase the punch needle kit a create your own Moth.  The Moth is the second in the Shine Collection.  The Moth is a methaphor for trasnformation, new beginnings and change.

  • The North Star is the first in the Shine Collections representing goals, dreams and navigation
  • The Moth is the second in Shine Collection which represents transformation, change, new beginnings
  • The Anchor is the third in the Shine Collection which represents grounding and stability.

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The finished Moth punch needle piece is displayed in a limed white frame (7”x7” frame).  The frame is made in West Cork, the wool used is produced in a traditional mill in Donegal where the colours are inspired by the beautiful Donegal landscapes.  The piece is punched by me.

The finished Moth punch needle piece includes:

  • The Moth punched with love by me, ready for you to hang up on the wall
  • Shine reflections – prompts to help you consider as you journal your own transformation
  • The Moth Story


I have tried to represent the colour of the yarn as accurately as possible,  However differences in colour may occur due to different monitors and computer screen settings.


All orders are shipped in 1-2 working days if in stock, if I have to punch a piece this will generally then ship in 3-5 working days, you will be notified by email if this is the case.

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Moth Punch Needle Piece, Shine Collection Finished Pieces (All 3 punch pieces)

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