Unboxed Oxford Punch Needles


Unboxed Oxford Punch Needles are just the Oxford Punch Needle.

The unboxed Oxford Punch Needle in stock are:

#14 Fine (1/8″ loop),

#10 Regular (1/4″ loop)

#9 Regular (3/8″ loop).


Unboxed Oxford Punch Needle features:

  • Just the Oxford Punch Needle.
  • Ergonomically Designed for comfort and speed
  • Maple Handle
  • Electro Polished Stainless Steel Needle
  • Lifetime money back guarantee
  • For use with Yarn, cut strips of wool and other fabrics
  • Designed by Amy Oxford

See a page about punch needles.

Weight0.100 kg
Please choose which Unboxed Needle size you require?

#10 Regular, #9 Regular, #14 Fine

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